Yangon Zoological Gardens




  • Located in Yangon.



  • 69.25 acres

  Year of Establishment

  • Establishment in1906.


  • Situated in close proximity of the Great Shwedagon Pagoda, Royal Lake, Aquarium, Karaweik Hall and Yangon Railway Station.


  • (a) To provide for public relaxation.]
  • (b)To help provide extra_ curriculum studies for students and general knowledge for enthusiasts in the fields of Zoology and Botany.
  • (c)To educate and persuade the general public in the protection of wildlife.
  • (d) To propagate and conduct research on the perpetutation of rare species of wild animals and birds

  Forest / Vegetative Types

  • About 300 tree species, totalling over 15000 trees, are planted. Thawkagyi, Linlun, Padiphyu, Meze, Karamek, Sagawa, Layhnyin, Zardeikpho, etc., are present.


  • 59 species of mammals 60 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles, amounting to over 1300 species are kept in addition, elephant, rhinoceros, tapir, hippopotamus, camel, tiger, lion, deer, various species of monkeys, snake, tortoise, crocodile and various species of birds, a pair of tusks of the white elephant which died in 1219 during the region of King Thibaw, skeleton of a whale 72 feet in length and a statue of Stegosaurus are exhibited.

  Conservation, Development and Research   Programmes

  • (a) Systematic feeding of animals rations formulated in accordance with approved standards for animal health.
  • (b) Construction of the new animal enclosures and houses.
  • (c) Assistance offered to students of Zoology and Veterinary Science in their studies and dissertations.

  Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • (a) Playground for children on lawns in the shade of trees.
  • (b) Rides on elephant-cart, horse-cart, elephants and horses.
  • (c) Restaurant and public telephone.
  • (d) Modern equipments including roller-coaster at the Amusement Park of international standard.
  • (e) Free snake and elephant shows on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • (f) Easy access to the studies of fauna and flora.
  • (g) Safety of visitors will looked after by police and security personnel on fulltime duty.

Myanmar Birding Information

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