Lanpi Island & Environ

 Myeik Archipelago

. Located in Southern most part of Myanmar, Myeik Archipelago has pristine water and beautiful coral reefs. It is a world - class dive site with 800 islands, many of the islands are uninhabited. Lampi National Park listed as an ASEAN Heritage Site is on the main island Lampi. The Salon or Moken (sea gypsy) are the human inhabitants of the region


 - Lampi is situated between latitudes 10 º41'N to 10º 51'N and longitudes 98º 04' E to 98º 18' E. The length of the island is about 50 km and the average width about 11 km; with the land surface area around 205 km2. The distance to Lampi by sea from Mergui is 145 km and from Kawthaung, about 95 km. Lumpi Marine Park has great potential for both marine- and land-based ecotourism

Myanmar Birding Information

Myanmar/ Burma has unique biodiversity in the world. Myanmar offers outstanding opportunities for birders and professional nature and wildlife photographers with its diverse biosphere, different ecosystems from coastal habitat to mountainous forests, and unparalleled natural...