National Botanical Gardens

National Botanical Gardens



  • Located between 22°O' N and 96°30' E in Pyin Oo Lwin Town of Mandalay Division.



  • 344.81 acres.

  Year of Establishment

  • Established in 1915.


  • (a) Yangon via Manadalay to Pyin Oo Lwin, 472 miles by car.
  • (b) Yangon to Mamdalay, 400 miles by air and Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin, 42 miles by car.


  • (a) To serve as a recreation center for the public.
  • (b) To carry out educational activities related to conservation of trees and forests so that people will become interested and appreciate the values of trees and flowers.
  • (c) To assist botanists and researchers with their studies.
  • (d) To collect and reproduce rare and endangered plant species for their perpetual existence, conduct research activities and assist the development of ecotourism industry.

  Forest / Vegetative Types

  • (a) Forest trees (big species) : about 344 species. Total number of trees : about 5000.
  • (b) Indigenous orchids : 42 species.
  • (c) Rose : 25 species.
  • (d) Crinum amoenum (land lily): 6 species.
  • (e) Natural Forest Area : 42 acres.


  • Inland indigenous birds (resident forest birds), reptiles, small mammal species and insects are present.

  Conservation, Development and Research   Programmes

  • (a) Conservation of trees already planted.
  • (b) Additional planting of tree species which are ecologically adaptable.
  • (c) Maintenance and improvement of completed land-scaping activities with advanced technology.
  • (d) Implementation of educational programmes in environment and nature conservation.

  Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • (a) Study and research activities relating to Botany.
  • (b) Rest and recreation.

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